Friday, March 25, 2016

The Podcast - Episode 7

Lately I've been discarding books from my home library, as well as my local library branch! (As a volunteer - don't worry, they know I'm doing it.) It makes my TBR list shorter and my shelves less cluttered: win-win. I share where I donate different types of books, and ask with what books you're willing to part.

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A stack of books we'll leave in Little Free Libraries around town.
Share a picture of your shelves or discards!

Sound off on this week’s topics:
Do you have shelves stuffed with books, or only keep your favorites?
What books/types of books are you willing to get rid of?
Where do you donate books?
Do you sell back books?
Do you buy new books, used books, or both? Why?

Links mentioned: - my account is How I Feel About Books

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