Friday, May 6, 2016

The Podcast - Episode 12

I've been so focused on books and my reading life that I haven't shared something very important, both to me AND How I Feel About Books: my journey of working with people with disabilities! My past involves volunteering, art classes, and writing workshops. In the near future, I plan to start a book club for adults with disabilities and provide library services for this population.

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Just like my coffee, this week is DONE! Thanks for listening!

Links mentioned:
Next Chapter Book Club

I didn't talk about this on the podcast because I completely forgot! I need to start making notes about points I want to discuss. While I was still volunteering at SRVS with the art class, I also started my own program called We Are Storytellers. I worked one-on-one with an individual to tell and illustrate their own story. This continued for several months, even after I was an employee, until my other duties became more consuming and I had to let this project go. I had big dreams for it, so I hope to revive it soon, maybe in the form of a writing workshop (which Next Chapter Book Club also promotes - how perfect for me is this organization?!). Check out the site: We Are Storytellers.

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