Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Podcast - Episode 15

Social media isn't just for oversharing your life, it's for book lovers, too! I talk about my favorite social media outlets for booknerds, including LibraryThing, Goodreads, #bookstagram, #booktube, and more!

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Links mentioned:
You Should (Do Something With That) at Speak Coffee to Me - I discussed this blog post wondering why we don't have hobbies just to have hobbies anymore, we need validation in the form of likes and comments and shares.

I totally forgot to talk about it because I didn't write it on my list - Litsy. This app is being called "Goodreads plus Instagram" because you post photos and short captions or reviews, but you can also add books to your "Want To Read" and "Have Read" shelves to keep track of them! I'm not too active on this one yet because there aren't a lot of users so you can check in less often and catch up with posts, but it's given me a lot of interesting book recommendations.

I mentioned an update on fundraising for the book club for adults with disabilities - check out the fundraising page here.

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