Friday, July 8, 2016

The Podcast - Episode 17

It's here, it's here! The long-awaited interview with Mel Schuit, of @spiky_penelope fame. Listen to me grill Mel about picture books, writing and illustrating, and her social media presence.

Mel Schuit - hard at work, or signing her multimillion book deal? Listen and find out!

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**NOTE: This is my first time recording a Skype interview for a podcast, so please let me know how it sounds! I tried to edit the volume controls so my voice wasn't booming, but I'm not sure how successful it was.***

Links mentioned:
- Find Mel Schuit, my charming interviewee, on social media:
      Instagram: @spiky_penelope
      Blog: Let's Talk Picture Books
      Facebook: Let's Talk Picture Books
      And though she says she's no good at it, Twitter: @spiky_penelope

- Let's Talk Picture Books Exchange/#LTPBExchange. If you're lucky, she might do it again and let your participate.

- @kidlitpicks / #kidlitpicks has a monthly theme, and 20 book lovers share amazing photographs, reviews, and book recommendations!

- The Picturebooking Podcast

- All the Wonders is a super amazing site you will get lost in. Trust me. Go there now. See you later.


  1. ALLISON!! I cannot tell you how much fun I had recording this with you! We should do this every week! Thank you so, so much for having me!!

    1. That makes me so happy, because I had the BEST time with you! As soon as we stopped recording, I started plotting ways to get you on again. I'm thinking I should add a monthly picture book highlight segment or something...

    2. You don't have to plot!! I'm there :)