Sunday, July 31, 2016

Repeat Reads - July #kidlitpicks

If you listen to the podcast, or even just check out the links in the podcast recap posts, then you know all about #kidlitpicks/@kidlitpicks on Instagram! July's theme was Repeat Reads, and Book Nerd Mommy put together an AWESOME recap of all twenty members' favorite Repeat Reads.

Check out her full post!

The August theme for KidLitPicks is Unique Friendships
Friendships, of course, come in all different shapes and sizes, and there's no better medium for exploring these unique friendships than picture books. The people we meet during our lives can be transformative and ​life-altering, and finding the people we want to spend our time with is always a process unique to the individual.

Share your favorite books that feature Unique Friendships and tag #kidlitpicks to be featured!