Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year from Pete the Cat!

We are huge fans of Pete the Cat around here, as you can see from the sampling of our books, the keychain I keep on my bag, and the pouch I use for pens and USB drives.

(Yes, all the cute accessories are mine. Selfish? No - my son can have them when he's old enough to appreciate them. For now, they are mine all mine!)

For several days now, we have been watching the new Pete the Cat show on Amazon Prime. Have you seen it? Only one episode is up right now; it was released on Christmas Day but the story is about New Years resolutions. It's cute to see Pete as a "real" cat, and all his friends are so much fun!

The only negative I can think of, and this is incredibly minor, is that Pete doesn't talk until the very end of the episode. All of the other characters are pretty chatty, and even my three-year-old son said "Pete can't talk because he doesn't have a mouth." Which is true - there is no mouth most of the time, but Pete does talk at the end, so clearly that's not the issue. I just would have like to hear more from him.

I think Pete the Cat books make a huge difference with kids' literacy, reading enjoyment, and vocabulary, based on what I have seen with my son and the kids at school where I teach. Having Pete not talk on the show seemed to be a strange decision. But it's still an enjoyable episode, and we've watched it a few times and it hasn't gotten old. We're looking forward to more episodes.

Amazon does a pretty good job with their kids' shows based on books - we're also huge fans of the Stinky and Dirty Show, based on the books by Kate McMullan and Jim McMullan.


  1. I searched for where is Pete's mouth and your article came up. We're only 5 mins it and the lack of a mouth is bothersome. We are also fans of Stinky and Dirty show.

  2. Yes, i agree that Pete not talking is annoying. After buying all these books for my grandkids we are watching the prime video and it’s crazy Pete doesn’t talk. Kids are upset so I researched and thought maybe he couldn’t talk even though he does in the books. I’m even disappointed.

  3. Look up Selective Mutism some time. There are many disorders that affect children's ability to speak. These shows gave our child something to relate to and ultimately overcome his challenge. Instead of being bothered or dissapointed, take the opportunity to teach children about different people.

    1. That's a great point! Even if it's not what the creators intended, it can be a wonderful lesson for children.