Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Canyon's Edge by Dusti Bowling

Thanks to @kidlitexchange, @littlebrownyr, and @dustibowling for an ARC of The Canyon’s Edge (by Dusti Bowling), which is out TODAY - you have GOT to get a copy of this one!

Nora and her father go on a hike for Nora’s birthday. They’re trying to get away from it all, to forget what happened last year on Nora’s birthday, when her mother died. The whole family has always loved hiking and rock climbing, and Nora wants them to keep it up even though they’re a family of two instead of three. After climbing down into a slot canyon, Nora and her father are caught in a flash flood. Her father pushes her to safety, but as Nora watches, her father and all their supplies are swept away.

This is a verse novel bookended by straight-forward narrative, which totally immerses the reader into the action. Nora is impressive in her fight for survival, but the book is very realistic about her situation, which adds some great suspense. This is so powerful and so emotional, and I can’t recommend it enough for middle grade readers and up.

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