Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

I read Tucker Max's I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell when it was first in paperback, and the later ones (Assholes Finish First and Hilarity Ensues) as they came out. I admit that I thought they were funny at the time, and my Goodreads reviews reflect this - although I wasn't too impressed with his second, I thought he showed a lot of growth and self-reflection with his third.

I never read his other books about how to score women and then how to score a bestselling book... go figure? I mean, yes, I guess he did it all, but it's an interesting career trajectory. He credits himself with creating the genre "fratire", and the word alone disgusts me, so I guess that could explain where I stand now.

I think his stuff made me laugh at the time because I was in college and partying and could relate. I also have always had a, um, questionable sense of humor. I have grown since then, though, and can't imagine what I would think of his books if I read them now. Especially with all of the #MeToo and feminist movements, how would I feel reading about this guy picking up women in bars and using them so carelessly?

Comments on Goodreads and in person have accused me of being pathetic or not a feminist to have enjoyed his books, and as I said, I probably would hate them now. And looking back at myself when I liked these books, well... I was living a different life. I think it is normal, and good, to change as you grow and look back and be able to see what wasn't right with your past self.

Have you ever enjoyed a book/joke/idea that wasn't quite society's norms? Do you still enjoy it, or have your tastes changed as you've grown? Have people accused you of being a certain "type" just because of the books/movies/music you like?

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