Hi, I'm Allison, and I'd like to share How I Feel About Books!

I've been sharing book reviews and bookish musings on this site for about nine years now. In that time, I've read countless amazing books (well, I kept count via Goodreads) and even written one! (Not counting all those drafts waiting patiently in notebooks and on my hard drive...) Library Volunteers: A Practical Guide for Librarians is published by Rowman & Littlefield, and I couldn't be more excited! Read more about the book here.

I created this blog for my Fall 2014 class Literature for Children and Young Adults, as a graduate student in the School of Library and Information Studies at Texas Woman's University. My concentration was library services for children and young adults. Since I graduated in 2016, I've worked as a teen services librarian in a branch of the public library, an elementary school librarian in a public school, a MakerSpace librarian, and a librarian in a Montessori school serving toddlers through middle school.

I've also taught a creative writing course for upper elementary and middle school students. When I  volunteered in the SRVS Learning Center for adults with disabilities, I taught creative writing in a different way. I started a program called We Are Storytellers, where individuals drew pictures and told me a story to create their own books. 

In partnership with that organization, I also led a monthly storytime for adults with disabilities, and facilitated a weekly book club for people with disabilities. I strive to use my passion for disabilities, along with my MLS degree and dedication to reading, to specialize library services for children and teens with disabilities. When I'm not reading, you can find me playing around elsewhere on the internet.

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  1. Holy Mackerel what a great life you are having since we met back on The Weiner Count! I was searching the old blog for a photo for The Mettman and noticed your Gravatar on the comments and low and behold here you are. Amazing job here, we always loved your contributions Allison! The Weinerman