Thursday, December 1, 2016

30 Days of Working for and with Teens for Social Justice

This month on YALSAblog and the Hub, we're focusing on social justice. Be sure to follow along with both blogs as they explore this topic, and how to work for and with teens.
Think about your library’s population: Is it diverse? If you answered no, why don’t you think the population is diverse? Keep in mind that diversity is not always something you can see, like skin color, a hijab, or a wheelchair.   
Read over this site, and try to accomplish the challenge posed: 
“Commit to taking 3 actions in the next month, and share these with a trusted friend, colleague, or family member in order to increase your accountability to follow through on your commitment.  Can you take at least one action in the next two weeks in the Ally or Accomplice category?”
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