Wednesday, May 13, 2020

We Could Be Heroes by Margaret Finnegan

Thanks to @kidlitexchange and @simonkids for providing a review copy of 
We Could Be Heroes by @finneganbegin.

Hank hates the book his teacher is reading to the class. It's really emotional and sad and Hank can't handle it. So he steals the book and sets it on fire in the boys' bathroom. He gets in trouble, of course, but also captures the attention of his classmate, Maisie. Maisie sees strength in Hank, and sees that he's willing to stand up for what he believes in. So she introduces him to Booler, the sweet pit bull next door who is always tied to a tree. Maisie wants Hank to help her free Booler, and as he gets swept up in her plan, Hank learns a lot about himself and friendship.

I love how this book addresses disabilities without shining a spotlight on them. Hank has autism and it's just matter of fact and handled very realistically.Maisie also has a somewhat rare condition that is hidden for much of the book, but is also handled in a realistic manner as it comes out. I think it's important for all kids to have books like this - so they can see themselves in fiction and so they can learn empathy.

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