Friday, March 26, 2021

Beverly Cleary Author Study: Ramona the Brave

Illustrations by Alan Tiegreen, though my copy
has a revised cover by JoAnn Scribner.

Ramona is back for her second solo book. She's starting first grade and getting her own bedroom! I loved reading about her relationship with her teacher, which was so different than her kindergarten teacher. There's also more about her friendships in this book. But most of all, we get more of a look inside of Ramona's mind. While before she was just mischievous, now she's being fleshed out into a deeper character. 

Her family interactions were especially wonderful, and I remember feeling the same way about my sibling and parents when I was younger. I really love getting inside her mind as she grows, and it's nice to feel understood, even all these years later. I think this honesty is why Ramona is still so popular with kids today.

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