Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Beverly Cleary Author Study: Ribsy

Illustrations by Louis Darling, though my copy
has a revised cover by JoAnn Scribner.

This is my original copy of the book but I didn't remember the story at all, so it was a nice read. I loved (and fondly remember many random details about) Socks (1973), so I knew Cleary had a great way of writing animals, but I was especially drawn to Ribsy after being with him so much in the Henry Huggins books.

Ribsy gets lost from the Huggins family on a rainy day so he has trouble picking up their scent to find his way home. Another family takes him home, further away from Henry's house than Ribsy has ever been before. It seems like it'll be impossible for Ribsy to find his way back because different people keep taking him in. Every chapter has a lot of adventure and suspense.

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