Monday, April 5, 2021

Beverly Cleary Author Study: Ralph S. Mouse

 Illustrations by Paul O. Zelinsky, who might have also done the cover art? 
I can't see a signature and there's no additional credit. 

Once again, Ralph is unhappy about the rules where he lives. He's feeling suffocated by his extended family so he asks the son of the inn's housekeeper to take him to school. Ralph has never imagined what school would be like, so he loves exploring the new building. He can't stay out of sight though, so he inspires a classroom to do a mouse study. The students write poems and essays about Ralph, and one boy makes a maze for him to run. Ralph is nervous about this task.

I like the progression of meeting Ralph in the inn, seeing him go to camp, and now seeing him go to school. In my opinion, The Mouse and the Motorcycle is the best of this series.

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