Saturday, September 24, 2016

Banned Books Week Reviews

Tomorrow kicks off Banned Books Week!

We started celebrating at work at the beginning of September. Library Card Sign-Up Month goes hand in hand with Banned Books, right? Get a card and check out some books that have stirred the pot!

I made a (last minute) display for Library Card Sign-Up Month.

I wrapped banned books and put a sign on them briefly explaining what they were. I started with fourteen wrapped books, and had six left after a week or two. I wrapped ten more after that, and am keeping track of the numbers. More importantly than that, people of all ages are asking what's inside the wrapper, why the books were banned, if books are still banned, etc. I've loved these conversations!

As far as celebrating Banned Books on the blog, I've decided to share a review of a banned or challenged picture book and a banned or challenge children's book every day of the week - that's seven picture books and seven children's books! 

I'm really excited to share these books, why they were banned, and my thoughts on them, and I hope you'll chime in to join the fun!

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