Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 Reading Challenge

In 2019, I challenged myself to read 120 books, and I read 125. In 2018, I read 134 of 115; in 2017 I read 127 of 104; in 2016 I read 140 of 100; in 2015 I read 141 of 100; in 2014 I read 110 of 100; in 2012 I read 124 of 120. Apparently I skipped 2013, and didn't use Goodreads in 2011. I think I started keeping a Notepad doc of books read in 2006... I’ll have to find those and input my books!

For 2020, I challenge myself to read 125 - not a huge jump, but 120 seemed pretty daunting at times so I don't want to go too high over, but I do still want to push myself. This year I hope to keep monthly records on how many nonfiction, fiction, YA, and MG books I read. I'm a fan of bloggers and bookstagrammers who post stats with their reading wrap-ups, like subject matter, gender of author, pages read, etc. I'm not sure to what extent I'll track all of this, but I like the idea. Not enough to go back and do it for 2019 books, mind you.

I challenged my son to read 222 books, and together we read 227. In 2018, we read 214 of 200; in 2017 we read 250 of 250; in 2016 we read 272 of 200; in 2015 we read 174 of 100.
For 2020, I challenge him to read 225 books - not a huge jump, but enough to keep us accountable. There were many busy nights or late nights when we had to skip bedtime stories, but he's learning to read on his own so I hope to have many more Goodreads reviews that say he read the book to himself!

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